Daily UI is a daily user interface challenge that allows designers to flex their creative muscles and practice making interfaces that dazzle the user.

012: Single Item

Ecommerce sites are where good UI can directly impact the bottom line. By having a full-width product image and making the CTA button pop, the user is encouraged to buy. Next time, I will play around with the text alignment.

011: Flash Message (Success/Error)

I started experimenting with transparent overlays for this one. I love the glassy effect it gives, almost like the message is written on one of those rectangular microscope slides.

010: Social Share

I designed this shareable product card for Adidas' newest release to provide a quick way for sneakerheads to assess the visual appeal of the product. For the next iteration, I will add a button for Pinterest.

008: 404 Error

I specifically avoided the use of the unfriendly/scary-sounding phrase '404 error' and opted for more playful & useful copy paired with a large visual that conveys the mood of being in an unknown corner of the site.

007: Settings

Playing around with the idea of modernizing the user interfaces in classic movies from my childhood, like those seen in Back to the Future series.

006: User Profile

My first attempt at a material design UI with overlapping cards. I like the way it brings the user photo to the foreground.

005: App Icon

The biggest challenge with this one was figuring out the layering & masking features in Sketch to produce the horizon effect. It turned out pretty well I think!

004: Calculator

Rather than designing a standard mathematical calculator, I tried to think about different types of calculators out there. I ended up designing a tool to help folks like me calculate the cost of moving to a new city.

003: Landing Page

Based on feedback, this is the first design in which I added a shadow to make it 'pop' off the screen.

002: Credit Card Checkout

A notoriously annoying point in the purchase flow, I tried to highlight the product image to keep the user motivated to complete the form.

001: Sign Up

My first UI exercise, and I made the rookie mistake of placing the 'sign up' button on the screen labeled 'sign in'. Lesson learned!